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Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance

We are committed to corporate governance of the highest standard in our own business, and in our partner companies. Our principles and values are embedded in our systems and in the policies and procedures of the firm. Each of our people has an individual responsibility to act at all times honestly and with integrity.

Holistic Compliance and Governance Framework

We have adopted and applied leading standards of corporate governance to deliver long-term and sustainable success for the firm, our investors and stakeholders. We believe that corporate success is not defined only by the performance of our business, but also by how we conduct it.

Our activities are shaped by the strategic objectives and risk appetite set by the Board of Directors in conjunction with the Firm CEO, and involve actively managing the risks inherent in our business, and those of our Partner Companies.

Our system of corporate governance is based on internationally recognized and principles-based standards and is tailored to the needs of our business and the risks of the markets in which we operate.

We have adopted a Holistic Compliance and Governance Framework which integrates corporate governance, legal and regulatory compliance and proactive risk management into a cohesive set of policies and practices, comprising three elements: The Principles of Governance, the Compliance Compendium, and the Declaration System.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is comprised of non-executive directors to ensure objectivity and independence. The Audit Committee directs the work of, and receives reports from, the internal and external auditors regarding the Company’s financial statements, processes, systems and internal controls and makes recommendations in relation to these matters to the Board.

Succession Committee

The Succession Committee’s role is to assist and advise the Board of Directors on matters relating to succession planning in respect of the Firm Chief Executive.

Nomination Committee

The Board collectively assesses its performance and makes recommendations for proposed candidates to join the Board of Directors. The Nomination Committee comprises of all members of the Board.

Governance, Compliance and Risk

The Governance, Compliance and Risk Committee oversees regulatory compliance and risk management activities across the Firm. The Committee monitors risk exposures with reference to the Firm’s risk appetite and ensures that risks are effectively managed.

Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee approves compensation schemes for the Firm CEO and advises on other compensation matters across the Firm.

Management Executive Committee

The Management Executive Committee (“MexCom”), establishes the Firm’s processes and policies and develops and implements the Firm’s strategy and annual business plan in line with its budgets. MexCom oversees the performance of the other management committees and ensures that the directives of the Investment Committee are executed.

Global Investment Committee

The mandate of the Global Investment Committee (“GIC”) is to ensure, and continuously improve the rigor and quality of the investment process while bringing the full investment experience of the Firm to each investment. The GIC is responsible for all investment and divestment decisions across Funds and provides guidance at every stage of a transaction

Risk and Compliance Committee

The Management Risk and Compliance Committee is responsible for ensuring that MexCom, the Partners and the Board of Directors of the firm have visibility on all issues that may be considered a risk to the successful execution of the strategy and business plan, or which pose an active risk to the firm

Partner Company Review

The Partner Company Review Committee (“PRC”) is responsible for oversight of all Partner Companies after an investment has been made. The Committee ensures dissemination and adoption of best practices and shares knowledge and information to identify areas of synergy within Amal Capital and our Partner Companies.

Partner Council

The Partner Council reviews the strategy, fundraising targets and business plans of the Firm and serves as a discussion forum on key issues including the admission of new partners.

Commitment to Good Governance

As a Firm we aspire to the highest standards of probity and candor in all that we do, and we seek to demonstrate transparency in our activities. Our Board of Directors, committees and councils ensure we deliver against our commitments and conduct our business to the highest standards.

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